Amorph Systems GmbH

Handwerkstrasse 29, 70565 Stuttgart, Germany
+49 711 6729 122

Amorph Systems GmbH is an international information technology company, with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, that specializes in innovative IT solutions for the aviation and manufacturing industries. Solutions include AMORPH.senses an advanced measurement solution that uses LiDAR sensors for people and object tracking. Customers benefit from the precision of LiDAR combined with advanced perception and analysis software to deliver detailed situational and operational insights, with millimeter precision while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. A pre-integrated installation kit with a sensor, bracket, and edge computing unit that communicates wirelessly enables quick, easy, and cost-effective deployment that can quickly deliver results. Various use cases have already been realized in airports with AMORPH.senses and Hesai sensors including passenger tracking, queue measurement and management, Level of Service monitoring, and passenger behaviour analysis. The latest innovation is intrusion detection in restricted areas.

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