Ultra-Compact High-Performance Long-Range Lidar
Designed for ADAS Series Production Vehicles
ATX is a platform lidar product. It has achieved compact size and high performance through Hesai's 4th-generation technology platform with optimized optical and mechanical design. With longer detection range, higher resolution, and a wider field of view, ATX empowers intelligent vehicles with excellent 3D perception.
Strong 3D Perception for Safer Driving
ATX uses Hesai's advanced 4th-generation technology platform, with comprehensive upgrades to its laser transceiver module. It ensures high performance while significantly reducing its size, bringing clearer 3D perception to intelligent vehicles to enhance driving safety.
Overall Volume
Lighter Weight
300 m
Max Detection Range
Highest Supported Channel Count
*Comparing to AT128
Smaller Size, Greater Performance
ATX incorporates the market-validated transceiver architecture from the AT series, significantly increasing module integration and simplifying the core optical scanning structure - all while maintaining a compact and lightweight form. Compared to the AT128, the ATX is 60% smaller by volume, almost half the weight, and features a minimum surface window measuring only 25 mm tall.
*Product specifications are for reference only. The SOP version is customizable per customer's needs.
Key Specifications
ATX offers higher resolution, longer ground detection range, and a wider field of view, ensuring a safe and intelligent driving experience.
Ranging Capability
200 m @10% Reflectivity, 300 m Maximum
120° ~ 140°
20° ~ 25.6°
Angular Resolution (Finest)
0.08° (H) x 0.1° (V)
Power Consumption
8 W
Frame Rate
10Hz; 20 Hz
Minimum Surface Window
25 mm
500 g
*ATX is a platform product. The SOP version is customizable per customer's needs.
Ensuring Safety with 300-Meter Ultra-Long Detection Range
ATX has a maximum detection range of 300 meters. Combined with higher resolution, it enables intelligent vehicles driving in high speed to perceive other vehicles and pedestrians at longer distances, allowing earlier responses and avoiding potential dangers.
*Real ATX point cloud
140° Ultra-Wide FOV for Comprehensive Vision
ATX's horizontal field of view (FOV) reaches 140°, providing expansive visibility of complex road conditions such as surrounding vehicles or pedestrians. The ultra-wide FOV equips vehicle systems with comprehensive and precise perception information, effectively ensuring safe driving.
Compact Size for Flexible Integration
Thanks to its extremely compact size and ultra-low power consumption, ATX can be flexibly integrated into various positions on the vehicle, including on the roof, behind the windshield, or inside the front headlights, making safety a standard feature in every intelligent vehicle.
Intelligent Rain and Fog Filtering Identification, 99.9% Environment Noise Filtering
Benefiting from Hesai's proprietary IPE (Intelligent Point Cloud Engine), ATX can identify rain, fog, exhaust fumes, and water splashes from the road. It marks them in real time at a 'pixel-level', filtering over 99.9% environment noise. ATX not only effectively reduces system misidentification and false triggering, but also significantly reduces the interference of rain and fog, providing intelligent vehicles with all-around safety perception.
*Blue: normal point cloud data; Red: noise data

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