Image-Like Resolution, High-Performance,
360° Spinning Lidar
Pandar128 Image-Like Resolution, High-Performance Lidar

High Resolution

0.1° horizontal resolution(@10 Hz)
*White full-size SUV
Other 128-channel 360° spinning lidar

Key Specifications

Point Rate
3,456,000 points/second (single return)
6,912,000 points/second (dual return)
0.1° Finest horizontal resolution (10 Hz)
0.125° Finest vertical resolution
200 m@10%
*100 klux, PD>70%, FAR<1e-5
Operating Temperature
-40° ~ 85°C
±2 cm (1 to 200 m)
Ingress Protection
IP6K9K & IP6K7
Functional Safety - compliant to ISO 26262
Comprehensive functional reporting for all lasers
Cyber Security – compliant to ISO 21434
Encryption to safeguard against data breaches

Compact and Lightweight

Optimized system architecture
1.63 kg 118 mm (Ø) * 123.7 mm (H)
Other 128-channel 360° spinning lidar
>3.3 kg >165 mm (Ø) * 140 mm (H)

Interference Rejection

Every pulse has its own 'fingerprint'
*Interference rejection schematic diagram
Point cloud with interference rejection
Point cloud without interference rejection

Image-like Point Cloud Performance

Point rate up to 3,456,000 points/sec (single return)

Automotive-Grade Reliability

DV tests based on international OEM standards; covered more than 50 reliability tests. Designed lifetime is over 30,000 hours (typical).
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