Auto-Grade Ultra-High Resolution Long Range Lidar for ADAS
OEM-Installed on Series Production Vehicles

AT128 Auto-Grade Ultra-High Resolution Long Range Lidar

Small Form Factor, Seamless Vehicle Integration

Key Specifications

Pixel Resolution
1200 x 128
Point Rate
1,536,000 points/s
210 m @10% Reflectivity
Field of View
120° × 25.4°
0.1° (H) × 0.2° (V)
Power Consumption
13.5 W
Dimensions (W × D × H)
136 mm x 114 mm x 49 mm
Frame Rate
10Hz, 20Hz

Ultra-High Resolution

Genuinely 128 channels, evenly distributed to effectively detect cars and pedestrians up to 200 meters away
Other lidars

Over 1.53 Million Point Rate

210 m Effective Detection, Ultra-Wide Unstitched FOV of 120°

Designed for ADAS, Automotive-Grade and Mass-Produced

All key components meet AEC-Q and other relevant standards.
More than 50 design validation (DV) tests, conducted according to internationally recognized OEM standards such as electrical, mechanical, climatic, sealing, material, and EMC tests.

UV Aging

IP6KX Dust Resistance

High-Temperature Operation

Low-Temperature Wakeup

Humid Heat Cyclic

Mechanical Shock

Salt Spray

IPX7&IPX9K Water Resistance

Thermal Shock with Water Splash

Vibration with Thermal Cycling

Other Features

Interference Rejection

Proprietary technology to individually encode each laser beam, rejecting interference from all other lidars.

Functional Safety

Meets ASIL-B
Comprehensive fault diagnostics, with > 90% diagnostic coverage
≤ 100 ms FTTI (fault tolerant time interval).


Product development process rigorously follows ISO 21434 standards, performing 100% overall cybersecurity risk management, with over 10 cybersecurity mechanisms.
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