Dymaxion S.A.S.

Cra 43 # 9 sur-195 Oficina 1436, Medellín - Colombia Cra 54 # 106-18 Oficina 607, Bogotá - Colombia
+57 300 203 3074

Dymaxion SAS is an engineering company created in 2011, focused on applying new technologies, optimizing data capture times, and improving design results for the road infrastructure, power lines, oil and gas, and mining sectors. With operations based out of Bogotá and Medellín, Colombia, Dymaxion SAS's highly specialized staff has expanded rapidly into Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. With key alliances worldwide focused on democratizing the use of hardware and related software for artificial vision in Latin America, Dymaxion SAS has supported other companies in their development phases and implemented novel and viable solutions for large companies.

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