Klau Geomatics

6/50 Berry St, Nowra, NSW, 2541, Australia
+61 400 154 109

Klau Geomatics is an Australian company with a heritage in surveying, geodesy, exploration, aerial mapping, and airborne geophysics. Our R&D team develops innovative geospatial hardware and software, applying the latest positioning and scanning technology, to produce highly accurate geo-referenced solutions for static, airborne, and MLS surveying and mapping.

The Brumby LiDAR system, based on the Brumby Controller and Hesai scanner, is a highly capable and accurate airborne LiDAR or MLS. The Stockpiler LiDAR generates bulk-asset volume reports on demand. We aim to minimize the LiDAR processing workflow, to make scanning accurate and accessible.

Our team can work with you to integrate Hesai into your workflows and applications. See www.geomatics.com.au for details.

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