Enable Safer, Smarter L2+ Assisted Driving

Lidar provides smart vehicles with high-resolution 3D vision that complements camera and radar, enhancing its perception capability to handle more complex road conditions such as dark environments or unknown objects on the highway. Hesai provides high-performance, automotive-grade lidar solutions designed for series production vehicles, ensuring safer and smarter L2+ assisted driving.
Proprietary Technology
Hesai has broken through the traditional bulky design of discrete devices, and successfully integrated hundreds of transmit-receive modules to form optimized lidar architecture. It significantly reduced lidar's size, lowered the cost and increased its consistency and reliability for mass production. Hesai's small and compact ADAS lidars can be seamlessly integrated onto series production vehicles. Meanwhile, the unstitched, high-quality point clouds generated by Hesai lidars enable easy and efficient processing for the assisted driving algorithm.
Automotive Grade
Hesai lidars are designed to meet automotive-grade standards. All key components meet AEC-Q and other relevant standards. Passed more than 50 design validation (DV) tests, conducted according to internationally recognized OEM standards such as electrical, mechanical, climatic, sealing, material, and EMC tests.
Mass Production Capability
Hesai's strong in-house manufacturing capability enables rapid product iteration and high-quality production. The new intelligent manufacturing center "Maxwell” has a planned annual production capacity of over 1.2 million units, ensuring strong mass-production and delivery capability that satisfies global OEMs' requirements.
ISO 26262 ASIL B Compliance
Hesai's automotive-grade lidars fully comply with globally recognized automotive ISO 26262 ASIL B level requirements, covering over 30 types of functional safety diagnosis, with > 96% diagnostic coverage and ≤ 100 ms FTTI (fault tolerant time interval).
Cybersecurity Protection
Hesai's product development process follows the rigorous ISO 21434 standards, performing 100% overall cybersecurity risk management, with over 10 cybersecurity mechanisms including secure upgrade, secure operation and secure boot, defending against cyber attacks such as hacking and tampering.
Class 1 Laser Eye Safety
All Hesai lidar sensors fully comply with Class 1 laser standards, safe for the naked eye under all conditions of normal use.

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FT Series

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ET Series

Behind Windshield Long-Range Lidar

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