Equipped with Hesai’s AT128 Lidar, This is How Li Auto L9 Defines Intelligent Vehicle


In the era of intelligent vehicle, Li Auto is committed to build an intelligent and safe mobile living space, interpreting the brand mission of “creating a mobile and happy home”. Like the Li Auto ONE model, Li Auto L9 model also follows the “House Dad” branding strategy to target family consumers. From space, size, horse power, to intelligent configuration, L9 has reached new benchmarks.

The Front View of Li Auto L9

Today, Li Auto shared an “official spoiler” of L9, introducing its intelligent driving system, Li AD Max, and releasing a synchronization video of lidar and camera. In the video, the forward-facing automotive-grade128-channel lidar carried by L9 is Hesai’s AT128 hybrid solid-state lidar, which has excellent sensing accuracy.

Hesai’s AT128 integrates 128 independent laser channels together throughs industry-leading self-proprietary chip technology. By emitting 128 lasers into the three-dimensional space simultaneously, the lidar is able to reach an overall resolution of 1200x128, and generate1.53 million data points per second. It has the strongest comprehensive performance among the mass-produced automotive-grade lidars. The homogeneous, high-resolution point cloud ensures strong remote sensing and algorithm computation capability for the intelligent driving system, which is key for the overall safety.

Hesai AT128's Schematic Diagram of Laser Emission Principle 

At the same time, the self-proprietary chip technology greatly simplifies the multi-channel installation process, improving the consistency of mass production. It also greatly reduces the size of the lidar, solving the problem that traditional lidars couldn’t have “high performance” and “small volume” at the same time.

Under harsh lighting conditions such as low light and bright light, where the camera is limited, lidar can ensure the accuracy of the system's environmental perception. It also helps vehicles to improve obstacle identification such as stationary vehicles on highways, construction roadblocks, and other objects, greatly improving car safety.

The Side View of Li Auto L9

In order to ensure a safer driving experience, Li Auto L9 uses detection distance and detection accuracy as the determining parameters when selecting lidar products. Hesai’s AT128 has a ranging capability of 200 meters at 10% reflectivity, with an effective ground detection range as far as 70 meters. At the same time, in terms of resolution and accuracy, AT128 features an ultra-high measurement frequency of over 1.53 million points per second, breaking the date point frequency record comparing to other long-range hybrid solid-state products.

Currently, AT128 has secured several million orders from OEMs to install on series production vehicles. It will enter mass-production stage at Hesai’s brand new "Maxwell" super factory by the end of 2022.

According to official sources, Li Auto L9 will make its debut at the Beijing Auto Show, with more details to be disclosed at the show.

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