Hesai and Trunk Technology Reaches Strategic Partnership, Accelerating Mass Production of Robotrucks


On September 23, 2021, Hesai, the world's leading LiDAR company, and Trunk Technology, a robotruck service provider, signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Hesai and Trunk Technology will collaborate on robotruck’s R&D and mass production, accelerating robotruck’s application within autonomous logistics.

Li Yifan, co-founder and CEO of Hesai, and Zhang Tianlei, CEO of Trunk Technology, signed a strategic agreement


The two parties will play to each company’s strength in terms of technology and resources, combining Hesai LiDAR sensors with Trunk Technology’s L4 commercial autonomous driving system to develop mass produced, automotive-grade robotrucks.

Trunk Technology’s robotruck equipped with Hesai’s LiDAR


Hesai and Trunk Technology will combine their resources to jointly expand the market and explore various commercial settings to create a new generation of AI logistic network centered around port logistics and highway network, providing safer, more efficient and more economical robotruck services for customers.

Robotruck has brought revolutionary transportation capabilities to the logistic industry. As a vital tool of productivity, robotruck needs safe, reliable and durable automotive-grade hardware to support its operation cycles. LiDAR is a key sensor component which assists the robotruck to perceive the environment, making its performance and reliability crucial for autonomous mobility.

Hesai LiDAR provides excellent perception capabilities for robotrucks. Previously, Trunk Technology had already equipped Hesai LiDARs on its high-speed robotrucks. Combining with proprietary multi-sensor fusion algorithms, Trunk Technology achieved farther, faster, and wider sensing capabilities for its robotrucks. Even on complex and dynamic urban roads, Trunk Technology’s robotrucks could still accurately identify obstacles.

Trunk Technology’s robotruck-testing on the high way


Hesai’s LiDAR products have fulfilled design validation tests conducted according to international recognized OEM standards. It isalso the first company in the world to launch a LiDARproduct that has received ISO 26262 ASIL B functional safety product certification,a great significance forrobotrucks to pass high-level safety assessments faster in order to enter the mass production stage.Up till now, total operation distance driven in autonomous mode by Trunk Technology’s high speed robotrucks have exceeded one million kilometers.

Zhang Tianlei, CEO of Trunk Technology, said:

“We are delighted to reach partnership with Hesai to promote the industrialization of autonomous driving. Currently, Trunk Technology’s robotruck applications are growing, as autonomous driving settings such as smart ports and trunk logistics entering a new chapter of development. With the support of Hesai's advanced LiDAR sensors, we believe robotrucks will undoubtably become integrated into future AI logistics networks.”

Li Yifan, co-founder and CEO of Hesai Technology, said:

“Ports and trunk logistics is one of the earliest settings for autonomous driving to be commercialized in, setting an excellent example of how robotics could assist human to work safer and more efficiently. As a leader in the industry, Trunk Technology has promoted the development of the autonomous logistics through advanced algorithm, automotive-grade product R&D capabilities, and smart ports and trunk logistics solutions. Hesai is looking forward to exploring robotics together with Trunk Technology, using the most advanced AI and 3D sensing technology to improve the efficiency of the physical world.”

The partnership between Trunk Technology and Hesai will not only advance the technology innovation and commercial implementation of robotruck, but also empower traditional logistics through mass production. Currently, Trunk Technology has deployed nearly 100 robotrucks in Tianjin Port and Ningbo Zhoushan Port, continuously leading the industry.

With new advancements in application settings and the autonomous driving industry, Hesai will continue to produce high-performance, safe and reliable LiDAR products, using its accurate 3D sensing technology to empower robotics, accelerate mass-production for its partners, and elevate lives.

Empower Robotics, Elevating Lives

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