Hesai Partners with Zelos to Accelerate Mass Production of Autonomous Logistics Vehicles


Zelos has officially launched its latest autonomous delivery vehicle, Z5 2024, at its product launch event. Z5 utilizes Hesai's high-performance AT128 long-range lidar, making Hesai the exclusive lidar supplier for the vehicle. Hesai will collaborate with Zelos to advance the deployment of automotive-grade solid-state lidar in L4 autonomous driving, and commercialize safer intelligent logistics services.

The newly unveiled Z5 autonomous delivery vehicle is equipped with four Hesai AT128 lidars. The AT128 is an automotive-grade long-range lidar with 128 laser channels. It can output real-time 3D data at a remarkable rate of 1.53 million points per second which enables intelligent path planning and obstacle avoidance for Zelos autonomous delivery vehicles.

Zelos Z5 2024

Since its mass production began in 2022, Hesai's AT128 lidar has empowered numerous passenger vehicles from leading OEMs, with deliveries exceeding 300,000 units as of Q1 2024. Bolstered by AT128's robust product capabilities and production capacity, Hesai's strategic cooperation with Zelos will further empower the commercial deployment of L4 autonomous driving in logistics.

Zelos releases the next-generation autonomous delivery vehicle

Zelos is a leading global company in the research, development, and application of autonomous driving technology for urban logistics. Integrating technology development, product design, and commercial application, Zelos effectively addresses challenges within the billion-dollar urban B2B market. Currently, Zelos has implemented large-scale applications in over twenty provinces in China and in more than a hundred cities globally.

Urban distribution of autonomous delivery vehicles significantly alleviates pressure on couriers and enhances delivery efficiency by reducing pick-up times. Known for superior performance and cost-effectiveness, Zelos autonomous delivery vehicles have been validated across urban logistics delivery scenarios, providing services for urban express delivery, supermarket retail, brand logistics, and community group buying logistics.

As the global market leader for lidar, Hesai leverages its exceptional technical capabilities and deep cooperation in the ADAS market with numerous leading OEMs. Its products have undergone rigorous market validation for performance, quality, and production capacity. So far, Hesai has secured ADAS design wins with 18 OEMs globally across approximately 70 vehicle models. Beyond this, Hesai's extensive product range covers L2 to L4 autonomous driving and expands into robots, industrial applications, and other sectors. In autonomous logistics, Hesai has implemented advanced solutions featuring 360-degree FOV coverage, driving the commercialization of unmanned logistics vehicles with precise and secure perception sensors.

Zhang Xuchen, Zelos Co-Founder remarked, "As two rapidly growing enterprises in the era of autonomous driving, Zelos and Hesai are eager to deepen cooperation in both lidar software and hardware technology, empowering large-scale production of high-perception autonomous driving vehicles. This collaboration aims to create smarter, safer, and more environmentally friendly autonomous driving systems, accelerating the adoption of valuable functions and applications."

Yifan "David" Li, Hesai's Co-Founder and CEO, remarked, "Hesai is honored to assist Zelos in the mass production and deployment of its latest autonomous delivery vehicle through advanced lidar technology. Looking ahead, we aim to deepen our collaboration with Zelos to set a global standard for advanced urban distribution solutions. Additionally, we will continue to expand the application scope of our high-performance lidar products, enhancing the safety and convenience of autonomous driving technology across various industries."

Hesai's high-performance, reliable lidar technology will serve as a strong support for the research and development of Zelos' autonomous logistics vehicles, further optimizing vehicle performance and user experience. In the future, the two companies will continuously work to address challenges in the autonomous driving field, delivering innovative solutions for urban logistics.

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