How Lidar Sensors Improve Trucking Safety


Trucking routes are vital parts of logistics, which means trucking safety is a priority for businesses across various industries. Fleets are incorporating lidar technology into their trucking operations, including ADAS features and fully autonomous trucking, to support trucking safety through better visibility and obstacle detection. Learn more about how lidar sensors improve trucking safety with this overview.

Eliminating Big Rig Blind Spots

Semitrucks have larger blind spots than most vehicles, making blind spot monitoring an invaluable safety feature. Lidar sensors generate comprehensive point clouds that offer precise visuals in real-time. This makes it easier to identify obstacles within the vehicle’s blind spot, which helps drivers navigate safely in tight areas or heavy traffic.

Relieving the Stress of Long-Haul Driving

Mistakes occur more frequently when you’re tired. A driver who has been on the highway for hours is more likely to get in an accident than a well-rested driver. Lidar sensors—as part of partial automation in ADAS systems or fully autonomous trucks—improve trucking safety with features like lane centering, adaptive lane assist, and adaptive cruise control. These features maintain safety when drivers are fatigued at the end of the day.

Automated trucking eliminates the need for manual long-haul driving altogether. It puts less strain on human drivers and allows fleets to focus manual labor on more complicated routes, such as city driving at the beginning or end of a route.

Driving Smoothly to Protect Cargo

In addition to protecting drivers, safer trucking keeps cargo safe. Autonomous trucks, or ADAS features, enable smoother driving with fewer harsh stops and sudden turns. This minimizes product damage from fallen or crushed pallets. Smoother driving also leads to less wear and tear on the vehicle itself. This technology helps drivers and fleets save money on maintenance and keep the semitruck in good condition promoting safe driving.

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