Empower Robust, Cost-Efficient Robotic Applications

With the emerging trend of contactless services, robotic applications are drastically increasing in demand. Hesai offers versatile, cost-efficient lidar solutions for the robotic industry, empowering mobile robots to seamlessly navigate both indoor and outdoor settings with complex environmental conditions.
Last Mile Delivery
Autonomous Security Cruiser
Robust Design
Hesai’s lidar solutions used for robotic applications have passed strict reliability tests, ensuring robust and reliable operations in tough weather and complex road conditions.
Proactive Interference Rejection
Hesai's proactive interference rejection technology encodes each laser beam individually. A lidar only generates point cloud for reflected returns with encoded signals, while other signals are filtered out to minimize lidar cross-talk scenarios.
Compact and Lightweight
Through optimized system architecture, Hesai lidars are compact and light weight, enabling robotic applications such as UAV to maintain agile movements and have longer operation hours.
Hesai lidars used for robotic applications are equipped with proprietary ASICs, which reduces costs while maintaining excellent performance. The cost-efficient solution enables large-scale implementation of versatile robotic applications.

XT Series

Mid-Range Lidar

Pandar Series

L4 Long-Range Lidar

QT Series

L4 Short-Range Lidar

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