The Secret of White Rhino's Safe Autonomous Delivery


Hesai is an industry-leading lidar manufacturer with excellent technical strength. With high performance and stability, their products meet our needs well. Hesai is a good partner, and we hope to accomplish more in unmanned delivery in the future.

--White Rhino

Targeting Supermarket Delivery

White Rhino is China’s first company to provide unmanned delivery services for grocery stores and supermarkets. Currently, its urban distribution services have been carried out in nearly ten cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hefei. It is also the autonomous driving partner of big supermarket brands such as Yonghui, Dada, Tianhong, and other third-party delivery platforms.

White Rhino autonomous delivery vehicle delivering fresh grocery

Data shows that China's fresh food e-commerce market is growing rapidly. According to iResearch's "2021 China's Fresh Food E-commerce Industry Report", the fresh food retail market will exceed 5 trillion yuan in 2021.

Unmanned delivery service has advantages such as weather proof, high efficiency, high safety, and low cost, helping merchants to solve labor shortage problems and improve delivery performance.

White Rhino delivery vehicle on the road

Starting from same-day delivery for grocery stores and supermarkets, White Rhino has established a closed-loop iteration model:

In terms of autonomous driving technology, it has made breakthroughs in technologies such as perception, decision-making, control, and data, gaining dozens of national patents. The vehicles can cope with rain, snow, smog, and night conditions and support full-time unmanned delivery operations.

In terms of application, White Rhino is committed to integrating technology with commercialization and user experience. It has now formed an intelligent solution, which provides customers with a full-time delivery service.

White Rhino created China's first unmanned delivery case that conducted commercial operations in urban settings and took the lead in the large-scale application of L4 autonomous driving technology.

The Secret of Safe Driving: the Sharp "Eyes"

Unlike closed scenes such as ports and industrial parks, the conditions of urban public roads are very complicated, considering pedestrians, vehicles, traffic lights, pets or children, non-motorized vehicles, and other uncertain factors.

White Rhino provides a full-time delivery service. To cope with various scenarios, White Rhino has developed an intelligent autonomous driving perception system. Like delivery men, these vehicles can accurately identify different road conditions.

To ensure safe driving on complex public roads, White Rhino chooses Hesai Pandar series products as the main lidar.

Hesai’s Pandar series lidar

As the main sensor of the White Rhino unmanned vehicle, Hesai Pandar series products have technical advantages such as long-distance measurement, high precision, and anti-interference.

As a product specially designed for low-speed unmanned vehicles, its ultra-high performance and reliability can help the White Rhino to see both far and clear, enabling the vehicles to operate in severe weather such as insufficient light, night conditions, and other scenarios.

Hesai’s Pandar series products with interference-rejection function

Hesai Pandar series lidar has a full interference-rejection function. Through active encryption, each laser beam has its own unique "key." Only when it recognizes the specific encrypted signal will it form a point cloud; otherwise, it will be filtered out, making sure that the vehicle's perception system is not disturbed by noise.

At the same time, the Pandar series has a ranging capability of 200m (@10% reflectivity), which allows the vehicle to detect obstacles on the road in real-time. The longer perception distance significantly increases the safe driving speed, thus also increasing delivery efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that the Pandar series products have image-like point cloud, which can perceive the rich details of objects on the road and ensure the safety of the vehicles.

Point cloud of Hesai’s Pandar series

In addition, Pandar series products passed performance tests such as accuracy and ranging capability and underwent rigorous reliability tests such as vibration, dropping, temperature, humidity, aging, and electrical. The product has excellent stability and long service life.

Hesai has won White Rhino's trust for its excellent product power. In the future, White Rhino plans to operate 5,000 unmanned vehicles on public roads daily within five years, fulfilling the mission of “unmanned delivery and reliable delivery”.

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