AT128 Empowers HiPhi Z to Provide a Futuristic Travel Experience


What does a future vehicle look like?

On July 5, HiPhi Z was officially launched. The ultra-futuristic digital GT HiPhi Z combines future design, the life-like digital interaction experience and intelligent system for future mobility, bringing out the tension of digital life.

HiPhi Z: A Journey into the Future 

This futuristic car is created by HiPhi together with many leading innovators. In smart driving, HiPhi chooses Hesai Technology as the strategic lidar partner, with its intelligent driver assistance system of powered by AT128 high performance lidar.

Why does HiPhi Z choose Hesai?

HiPhi Z Carries AT128

Superior Perception

With a total of 32 driver assistance sensors, HiPhi Z integrates the precision of lidar and direct vision of camera, helping the vehicle cope with different driving conditions. As the core sensor of the ADAS system, AT128 demonstrates powerful performance advantages.

AT128 has a ranging capability of 200 meters at 10% reflectivity, achieving an ultra-high 1200x128 overall resolution and measurement frequency of 1.53 million per second. Moreover, the evenly distributed point cloud gives the perception system comprehensive and finer details in three-dimensional space, making the lidar both "far-sighted" and "clear-sighted".

Ultra-High-Resolution3D Perception of AT128

As the "eye" of a smart car, lidar is the first link of the intelligent driving system, influencing the subsequent decision-making and execution. With a clear and rich-detailed point cloud, AT128 bringing great convenience to algorithm processing. It also interfaces perfectly with HiPhi Z's intelligent driver assistance system to safeguard the safety of the riders in all aspects.

Ultra Safety

On the safety front, HiPhi Z uses an aviation grade dual-redundant system to guard the safety of riders in all scenarios. With 128 independent laser channels integrated, AT128 applies the 1D Rotating Mirrormethod with stability and reliability.

Emissions of AT128 Ultra-High-Resolution Lidar

Lidar could provide a greater level of safety for smart cars. If the lidar has only one or a few lasers, once a single laser fails, it will seriously affect the perception ability of the lidar.

More lasers mean not only higher performance, but also greater safety redundancy. With 128 independent laser channels integrated, even when a single laser fails, AT128 is still able to provide safety of the vehicle.

Powerful Innovation

Innovation is the brand DNA and attitude of HiPhi. As a member of the HiPhi "Creation Alliance", Hesai shares the very same creativity and pioneering spirit.

Based on proprietary ASIC technology, AT128 integrates hundreds of discrete components of traditional high performance lidar on several centimeter-scale chips using advanced semiconductor technology. While guaranteeing the high performance of a 128-channel lidar, this chip technology also reduces size and cost, and significantly increases the consistency for mass production.

Explosion of AT128 Ultra-High-Resolution Lidar

Hesai hits the breakthrough of a long-time industry barrier through taking the lead in the application of Moore's Law in lidar, reducing costs and increasing efficiency sustainably in the foreseeable future. The chip technology not only creates a strong product power, but also shows the creativity of Hesai.

In the future, Hesai will continue to work with HiPhi to build futuristic smart cars with leading technology.

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