Equipped with Dual AT128 Lidars, What Surprises Does JIDU's ROBO-01 Concept Production Robocar Bring?


On June 8th, JIDU held its first brand conference, "ROBODAY", on XiRang metaverse app. At the conference, JIDU officially released its first concept production robocar, ROBO-01.

JIDU ROBO-01 concept production robocar
The car body of ROBO-01

In order to perceive complex road conditions, pedestrians, and vehicles clearly, the car needs to have active 3D sensing ability which requires powerful hardware. JIDU ROBO-01 is equipped with two Hesai AT128 ultra-high resolution lidar sensors, making the robot car safer and smarter.

128 Laser Channels

Hesai AT128 integrates 128 independent laser channels together, achieving 200-meter detection range at 10% reflectivity, and an ultra-high measurement frequency of over 1.53 million points per second (single return mode) - the strongest comprehensive performance among currently mass-produced automotive-grade lidars.

AT128 lidar transmission diagram

Ultra-High-Resolution 3D Perception

AT128 can see both "far and clear". It has an overall resolution of 1200 x 128, ensuring the driving system can accurately identify objects, outlining surrounding environments in great detail. The point cloud is evenly distributed with camera-like image, making it more convenient for autonomous driving algorithm processing.

Proprietary ASIC Technology

With its proprietary ASIC technology, Hesai AT128 integrates hundreds of components onto several chips, not only ensuring reliability and consistency for mass production, but also greatly reducing the lidar volume for a smooth integration into the car body design.

The collapsible dual AT128 lidars equipped on the front hood of ROBO-01 can enhance the perception ability for high level autonomous driving, ensuring the safety and stability of the intelligent driving system.

Patent of JIDU: front hood collapsible lidar

According to JIDU, the design can help reach a horizontal FOV coverage of 180 degrees, enabling excellent perception ability for the car to quickly recognize sudden pedestrian movements and obstacles.

Furthermore, JIDU has created the industry-leading "Camera + Lidar" autonomous driving solution. In intelligent driving mode, the two systems can either operate independently or work in tandem for safety redundancy.

Currently, AT128 has secured several million orders from OEM partners. It will enter the mass-production stage by the end of 2022.

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