Hesai Releases Long-Range Automotive-Grade Hybrid Solid-State Lidar -- AT128


On August 13, 2021, Hesai officially released the long-range hybrid solid-state lidar - AT128, for ADAS applications.

AT128 has made noteworthy advancements in terms of key specifications for ADAS lidar. It is currently the only lidar on the market that satisfies long-range (200m@10%) and ultra-high measurement frequency (1.53 million per second, single return) at the same time. AT128 has already been nominated by multiple ADAS programs of top OEMs, totaling several million units in lifetime. It will enter the mass-production stage and start delivery to OEMs in 2022.

Hesai’s AT128

Let's first take a look at the point cloud of AT128.

[Note: All point cloud videos in this article are 100% original data, without any post-processing, at 10Hz frame rate]

AT128’s  point cloud

AT128 has greatly improved key specifications such as its perception ability, which will benefit algorithm adaptation under various driving settings.

01 Image-like resolution, ultra-high measurement frequency 

The resolution determines the details of an object that can be effectively captured by lidar. Each AT128 incorporates 128 high-power multi-junction VCSEL arrays, enabling genuine 128-channel e-scanning. It not only minimizes the adversary effects that 2D mechanical-scanning method has on the product lifecycle, but has also achieved unstitched point clouds in the horizontal and vertical directions. These structured data make algorithm computations much more convenient.

AT128’s image-like point cloud

The measurement frequency of AT128 exceeds 1.5 million points per second.

Comparison of AT128 with other typical hybrid solid-state lidars for detecting 200 meters objects.


02 Superior ranging capability, empowering high level ADAS

AT128 has a ranging capability of 200 meters at 10% reflectivity, with effective ground detection range as far as 70 meters. However, for most MEMS systems, due to the limitation of galvanometer, the effective ground detection range is generally no more than 40 meters, while the sensing distance is also greatly reduced.

AT128’s ranging capability


03 Automotive-grade for OEM-installed mass production

Designed for mass production, AT128 is an automotive-grade lidar with high reliability. All key components meet AEC-Q and other relevant standards. AT128 has undergone more than 50 design validation (DV) tests, conducted according to internationally recognized OEM standards such as electrical, mechanical, environmental, sealing, material, and EMC tests.


The "Maxwell" Intelligent Manufacturing Center 

In order to supporting the increasingly large number of incoming orders, Hesai is building an intelligent manufacturing center with a construction area of ​​over 60,000 square meters. It has an annual production capacity of more than one million units. The “Maxwell” manufacturing center will commence operation in 2022. It will undertake the missions of R&D, production and automotive-grade testing for lidar. The manufacturing center will also introduce advanced production lines to achieve flexible production capacity and multi-purpose adaptation capabilities, meeting the diversified, customized needs from customers.

Hesai’s "Maxwell" Intelligent Manufacturing Center
Hesai’s lidar family 


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