Hesai Technology Partners with Neolix for Autonomous Delivery


In September 2021, Hesai Technology and Neolix signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Neolix will purchase Hesai LiDAR solutions for its autonomous vehicles.

The two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement

The partnership has opened a new chapter for L4 autonomous vehicles’ mass production. Neolix will gradually expand its network of autonomous vehicles to diverse settings such as logistics and city services, while also preparing to enter oversea markets. Neolix has emphasized the need for Hesai’s LiDAR sensors to empower its autonomous vehicles.

Li Yifan, CEO of Hesai and Yu Enyuan, CEO of Neolix, in front of Neolix’s autonomous vehicle fleet

Yu Enyuan, CEO of Neolix, said:

“The two parties are collaborating under a new retail model powered by autonomous mobility. By building a platform that matches product supply with customer demands, autonomous retail vehicles have achieved higher customer coverage and sales comparing to traditional retail facilities. During this process, Hesai’s advanced 3D sensors are able to help each autonomous retail vehicle to identify surroundings, ensuring the safety and efficiency of operation and user interactions.”

Li Yifan, co-founder and CEO of Hesai Technology, said:

“As a leader in autonomous retails, Neolix has combined its innovative business model with cutting-edge autonomous driving technology, continuously leading the industry standards. Hesai has a complete portfolio of long, medium and short-range LiDARs, which could empower Neolix’s autonomous retail vehicles with outstanding environment perceptions, assisting and expanding autonomous retail applications to benefit more lives.”

Neolix’s autonomous vehicle fleet equipped with Hesai’s LiDAR 

About Neolix

Empowered by autonomous driving, 5G communications, Internet of Vehicles, intelligent hardware and autonomous vehicle gigafactory, Neolix has commercially deployed vehicles in hundreds of scenarios globally to build smart services ecosystem along with trusted partners and provide consumers with superior experience.

Neolix has commercially deployed in 30+ cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi’an and Xiamen and 6 international markets including Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Thailand. Neolix’s vehicles have provided smart services to consumers in hundreds of business parks, CBD, parks and college campuses. So far, Neolix has deployed nearly 1,000 autonomous vehicles, with a cumulative safe driving distance of over 1.3 million kilometers, and a cumulative delivery of over 1 million orders for over 300,000 users.

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