Hesai Wins 'Outstanding Company' at BMW Open Innovation Event


The fourth stop of the BMW China Open Innovation Event 2018, themed "Uninhibited Innovation and Unbounded Driving", was successfully held in Shanghai on April 27. Hesai Technology had the honor of being invited.

On site at the BMW China Open Innovation Event 2018

Also attending the event were VPs from several business units within BMW China, investors, and well-known startups in the autonomous driving industry, such as Roadstar.ai, Momenta, Horizon Robotics, and JingChi.

During the demo stage, ten self-driving startups offered their in-depth analysis of the present and future of autonomous driving in China and presented their innovations and breakthroughs.

In its demo speech, Hesai talked about the success of Pandar40 – its first LiDAR product, which became mass-produced over one year ago. Pandar40 has won customers in Silicon Valley, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Germany, and France. In China, the Pandar series is also widely used by top self-driving car companies and university research groups, and has helped them achieve remarkable results.

Hesai's presentation was acclaimed by the panel of judges

Leaders at BMW China acknowledged the technologies and achievements made by these ten notable self-driving startups and said they look forward to cooperating with them.

Hesai, along with Horizon Robotics, won the 'Outstanding Companies' award at the BMW China Open Innovation Event. The award winners will have the opportunity to cooperate with BMW’s business units, in the form of in-depth discussions, seminars, and sample development.

Hesai (second from the left in the front row) and Horizon Robotics (second from the right in the front row) were honored as 'Outstanding Companies' at the BMW China Open Innovation Event

As an innovative laser sensor technology company founded in Silicon Valley, Hesai has been committed to developing high-precision LiDARs that constitute the most comprehensive 3D sensing solution for self-driving cars and robots. We envision LiDARs to be the eyes of cars and robots, giving them a clearer and more accurate picture of the world.

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