Hesai Technology and Black Sesame Technologies Reached a Strategic Partnership


On September 7 2021, Hesai Technology, the world's leading LiDAR sensors manufacturer, announced a strategic partnership with Black Sesame Technologies, a global leader in autonomous driving computing chips.

Lu Wei, Vice President of Global Business Development of Hesai and Ding Ding, Vice President of Black Sesame Products signed a strategic agreement in Shanghai.

The two parties will collaborate on autonomous driving integrated solutions to promote the implementation and commercialization of roadside perception, autonomous driving, and other fields, leveraging both companies’ advantages to accelerate autonomous vehicles’ mass production.

Relying on Hesai’s high-performance LiDAR portfolio, and Black Sesame Technologies’ leading automotive-grade image sensing, real-time machine vision, sensor fusion, neural network processing technology, and high-performance, low-power consumption autonomous driving computing chips, the two companies will jointly create V2X and autonomous driving integrated solutions, providing leading services for smart transportation, car manufacturers, and tier 1 suppliers.

Shan Jizhang, founder and CEO of Black Sesame Technologies says:

“Black Sesame Technologies is devoted to using leading core technology to create excellent autonomous driving computing chip products. As an innovator and pioneer in the field of LiDAR sensors, Hesai provides high-performance hardware support for the realization of high-level autonomous driving. The cooperation between Black Sesame and Hesai could provide powerful three-dimensional perception technology for the implementation of autonomous driving in various aspects, providing a safer autonomous driving experience for users.”

Li Yifan, co-founder and CEO of Hesai Technology says:

“Hesai is devoted to empowering robots in a broad sense with leading three-dimensional perception technology, having formed unique advantages through core technologies such as proprietary chips and transmission-receiver electronic systems. Black Sesame is a leader in the field of autonomous driving chips in the three major areas: automotive-grade chips, autonomous driving, and artificial intelligence. It is hoped that the two parties will continue to lead innovations through joint research and development of autonomous driving integrated solutions to enable autonomous driving V2X and other fields.”

About Black Sesame Technologies

As a global leader in autonomous driving computing chips, Black Sesame Technologies focuses on technical R&Ds such as high-performance computing chips and platforms, providing complete solutions for autonomous driving and V2X. Black Sesame Technology is the only domestic manufacturer that has launched two high computing power autonomous driving chips that meet the ISO26262 car regulatory functional safety standards. This year, the Huashan No. 2 A1000 Pro single-chip INT4 computing power reached 196 TOPS, and INT8 computing power reached106 TOPS. These Chips can bring a high-performance, safe, and open autonomous driving computing platform to the industry.

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