Autonomous Mobility

Provide Rich 3D Perception Capability, Reliability, and Scalability

Autonomous vehicles such as robotaxi and robobus require advanced sensing abilities to move safely with little to no human input. Hesai provides a range of high-performance lidar sensors that meet the standards for L4+ autonomous driving, empowering safe, large-scale implementation of autonomous vehicle fleets globally to increase daily life's efficiency.
Flexible Solutions
Hesai offers a comprehensive sensor suite for L4+ vehicles to meet near, mid, and long-range detection requirements, enabling flexible, customized lidar solutions for various scenarios.
Proactive Interference Rejection
Hesai's proactive interference rejection technology encodes each laser beam individually. A lidar only generates point cloud for reflected returns with encoded signals, while other signals are filtered out to minimize lidar cross-talk scenarios.
Automotive Grade
Hesai lidars are designed to meet automotive-grade standards. All key components meet AEC-Q and other relevant standards. Passed more than 50 design validation (DV) tests, conducted according to internationally recognized OEM standards such as electrical, mechanical, climatic, sealing, material, and EMC tests.
ISO 26262 ASIL B Compliance
Hesai's automotive-grade lidars fully comply with globally recognized automotive ISO 26262 ASIL B level requirements, covering over 30 types of functional safety diagnosis, with > 96% diagnostic coverage and ≤ 100 ms FTTI (fault tolerant time interval).

Pandar Series

L4 Long-Range Lidar

QT Series

L4 Short-Range Lidar

AT Series

Directional Long-Range Lidar

XT Series

Mid-Range Lidar

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Our Autonomous Driving Partners

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