512-Channel Ultra-High Resolution, Ultra-Long-Range Lidar for ADAS

OEM-Installed on Series Production Vehicles
Introducing the AT512, our ultra long-range automotive grade lidar providing the best range and resolution in the industry. The AT512 was designed to be integrated into the most advanced ADAS systems for customers who demand the very best in performance, reliability and safety.
AT512 512-Channel Ultra-High Resolution, Ultra-Long-Range Lidar for ADAS

Revolutionary Technology, Powerhouse Performance

AT512 incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as 3D stacking and optical noise suppression, achieving ultra-high optical transceiving efficiency and
 outstanding vertical integration capability, which improves lidar performance while maintaining the same size.



300 m 

@10% Reflectivity
Ranging Capability


Overall Resolution

400 m

Maximum Range

Key Specifications

The AT512 is a game changing lidar solution combining unrivaled range, exceptional resolution, and best-in-class point rate. 
Get ready to experience the future of ADAS safety like never before.
Point Rate
12,288,000 points/s
Overall Resolution
2400 x 512
300 m @ 10% Reflectivity, 400 m Maximum
Field of View
120° (H) x 25.6° (V)
Dimensions(W x D × H)
160 mm x 110 mm x 45 mm
Angular Resolution
0.05° (H) x 0.05° (V)
*Specifications are subject to change in the SOP version, 
and are customizable per the customer's needs.

Redefining Expectations for Lidar Data Quality

The AT512 takes resolution to a whole new level, ensuring the finest details are captured in astonishing clarity. With the ability to detect objects both large and small at long range, AT512 equipped ADAS systems will have 40% more reaction time to avoid dangerous road conditions and significantly improve transportation safety
Vehicle & Pedestrian at 400 m
Other lidar
0.1° x 0.2°
10 Hz, Single Frame 
1. For the same object, the data points created by AT512 at 400 meters exceed those of a 0.1°x 0.2° resolution, 200-meter-range lidar. Therefore, AT512's perception capability allows the vehicle system to detect targets at least twice the distance in advance. Assuming the vehicle detects an object and immediately brakes, the reserved time for braking will be the square root of 2 (≈1.414), increasing by approximately 40%.
2. The photo and the point cloud image were captured at different times. AT512 is currently in development, the point cloud is for reference only and does not represent the final mass production version.
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