Facilitate Safe, Automated Industrial Operations

More and more sectors are adopting lidar technologies to automate industrial processes and equipments as the new trend. Hesai’s sensors have been deployed across many sectors, empowering autonomous applications across industries such as agriculture, port and warehouse logistics.
Port Automation
Agricultural Vehicles
Robust Design
Hesai’s lidar solutions used for robotic applications have passed strict reliability tests, ensuring robust and reliable operations in tough weather and complex road conditions.
Proactive Interference Rejection
Hesai's proactive interference rejection technology encodes each laser beam individually. A lidar only generates point cloud for reflected returns with encoded signals, while other signals are filtered out to minimize lidar cross-talk scenarios.
Cybersecurity Protection
Hesai's product development process follows the rigorous ISO 21434 standards, performing 100% overall cybersecurity risk management, with over 10 cybersecurity mechanisms including secure upgrade, secure operation and secure boot, defending against cyber attacks such as hacking and tampering.
ISO 26262 ASIL B Compliance
Hesai's automotive-grade lidars fully comply with globally recognized automotive ISO 26262 ASIL B level requirements, covering over 30 types of functional safety diagnosis, with > 96% diagnostic coverage and ≤ 100 ms FTTI (fault tolerant time interval).

XT Series

Mid-Range Lidar

Pandar Series

L4 Long-Range Lidar

QT Series

L4 Short-Range Lidar

AT Series

Directional Long-Range Lidar

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