Hesai and Great Wall Motors Announce Strategic Partnership


[Palo Alto, March 5, 2024] – Hesai (Nasdaq: HSAI), the global leader in LiDAR safety technology for automotive and industrial robotics applications, reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Great Wall Motors (GWM), a world-renowned vehicle manufacturer. As a result, GWM will equip upcoming vehicles with Hesai LiDAR.

"Great Wall Motors has been deeply cultivating intelligent driving technology for many years, relying on the forest ecosystem to lead the development of the industry,” said David Li, CEO of Hesai. “Hesai is honored to reach a strategic cooperation agreement with a company that has such a deep understanding of LiDAR hardware and perception technology, global-leading product strength and rich mass-production experience. Incorporation of Hesai’s technology will enable higher precision perception and empower intelligent driving functions. As a result, more high-end, safe and intelligent products by GWM will enable safer, smarter driving around the world."

Hesai and GWM held a strategic meeting earlier this year to begin research and development of multiple LiDAR projects. The two partners reached an agreement on the mass production of high-performance LiDAR and upgraded the technical cooperation on the basis of the existing AT128 LiDAR fixed point. A number of new passenger car models by GWM will be equipped with Hesai ADAS LiDAR, which are expected to launch later this year. In addition, Hesai and GWM plan to collaborate on the ultra-high-performance LiDAR technology under Hesai’s new generation platform to jointly explore the forward-looking field of intelligent driving.

"Hesai has performed well in the global LiDAR field and its products are renowned in terms of performance, stability and reliability,” said Mu Feng, President of Great Wall Motors. “In the future, we look forward to exploring more strategic opportunities with Hesai, striving to create a leading intelligent driving system in China, with safety at the core. By fully leveraging the advantages and resources of both companies, we will promote more cooperation, create more user value, and ultimately work together to achieve the common goal of Chinese brands ‘going global.'"

As a leader in LiDAR technology, Hesai continuously innovates products and expands the market. Hesai's ultra-high-definition, long-range LiDAR AT128 has a range of 200 meters, with industry-leading detail perception and image resolution. The company has obtained more than 50 models of mass production fixed points. As of the end of 2023, the cumulative delivery volume of Hesai LiDAR has exceeded 300,000 units.

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