Hesai and UISEE Reached Strategic Partnership, Expanding Autonomous Driving Ecosystem


On December 8, 2021, Hesai, the world's leading LiDAR company, and UISEE, a global leading autonomous driving company, signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Hesai will provide UISEE with high-performance LiDAR solutions for potential application settings such as robotaxis, autonomous shuttles, and autonomous logistics. The two parties will jointly explore cutting-edge LiDAR technology and advance the commercialization of autonomous driving.

Wei Ran, general manager of UISEE, and Lu Wei, vice president of global business development of Hesai, signed a strategic agreement

UISEE is a global leader for autonomous driving commercialization. At the beginning of 2021, UISEE completed a strategic capital injection of 1 billion yuan from Guokai Fund. It has also participated in various national-level technology projects.

By using U-Drive®️, a proprietary autonomous driving technology platform, UISEE is working within various settings of autonomous driving. It has successfully initiated the commercialization in areas such as automobile manufacturing, hazardous chemical industry, civil airport, industrial zone and food processing. Its autonomous driving technology has been widely recognized by potential customers. In November 2021, UISEE’s unmanned commercial operation mileage officially exceeded 1 million kilometers, becoming the world's first "truly unmanned" autonomous driving company to reach such milestone.

Further more, in March 2021, UISEE’s robotaxi fleet equipped with Hesai Pandar-series LiDAR sensors officially started trial services during the first phase of “Dongfeng Autonomous Driving Pilot Project”. Up till now, the trial service has covered more than 300 kilometers of local road network and over 100 stations. UISEE also plans to introduce Hesai’s hybrid solid-state LiDAR into future projects.

Robotaxi fleet equipped with Hesai LiDAR sensors

As L3 and L4 autonomous driving scenarios expand, the applications for Hesai LiDAR have also covered robotaxis, robotrucks and ADAS vehicles, entering the stage of mass production.

Hesai focuses on providing high-performance, low-cost LiDAR solutions for various autonomous driving and ADAS applications. In addition, Hesai is leading the draft of “National and Industry Automotive LiDAR Standards” to guide the development of the industry. As of now, Hesai has launched a variety of automotive-grade LiDAR products, setting new industry records with ultra-high point frequency, ultra-long distance measurement and industry-leading reliability.

Hesai’s LiDAR Family

Wu Gansha, co-founder and CEO of UISEE, said:

"UISEE has deeply invested into passenger vehicles, autonomous logistics, autonomous shuttle buses, and smart city services, providing AI driving services for all industries within various settings. Hesai products have leading performance and reliability in the LiDAR industry. Hesai is a key partner for UISEE to fulfill  commercialization of autonomous driving, and I believe we can set an industry benchmark for autonomous driving solutions through our partnership."

Li YiFan, the co-founder and CEO of Hesai Technology, said:

“UISEE is one of the few companies in the industry that has accumulated technology expertise within all application settings of autonomous driving. UISEE has excellent R&D capabilities, realizing commercialization after years of hard grind. We are delighted to work with UISEE to innovate together and go beyond what’s known in the industry.”


UISEE, a leading global autonomous driving company founded in February 2016, is committed to providing AI Driving service for all industries and all scenes and building AI Drivers that empower a new ecology of mobility and logistics. UISEE has leading innovative R&D capabilities and the strength of commercial implementation. In addition, it proposes solutions of unmanned logistics, autonomous shuttle buses, autonomous passenger vehicles and smart city services. 2019, UISEE technology takes the lead in achieving a major breakthrough of achieving autonomous driving without safety officer,landing “ full scenario, complete unmanned, all climate ”autonomous driving technology, and thus heading to large-scale commercialization. In November 2021, UISEE’s “truly unmanned” autonomous driving commercial operating mileage officially exceeded 1 million kilometers.

About Hesai

Founded in 2014 in Shanghai, Hesai Technology has become a global leader in LiDAR and 3D sensor technology. Hesai has built a series of innovative sensor solutions by relying on the top performance and reliability in the industry, which products has become the primary LiDAR choice of many leading global self-driving companies and delivery vehicle companies, winning customers spanning 70 cities in 30countries and regions. To date, Hesai has raised over $500M from Bosch, Xiaomi, Meituan, Hillhouse, LightSpeed, Baidu, and other global investors. Hesai's vision is to enable the future of robotics through high performance and low-cost 3D sensors.

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