Hesai Partners with WeRide, Jointly Promote the Implementation of Autonomous Driving Technology


On July 16, 2021, Hesai Technology and WeRide reached a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties conducted in-depth discussions about smart travel, autonomous driving technology and V2X.

Han Xu, founder and CEO of WeRide, and Li Yifan, CEO of Hesai, signed a strategic cooperation agreement

According to the agreement, Hesai will help WeRide to build an advanced hardware platform for autonomous vehicles, and to continuously provide high-performance, high-reliability lidar sensors to fully support the rapid growth of WeRide.

The two parties will collaboratively work on autonomous driving technology, V2X and operation settings, creating safer and more efficient autonomous driving sensor kits.

The multiple series of Hesai lidars used by WeRide are leading products on the market that have unique advantages, including image-level point clouds, active interference rejection, automotive-grade and high reliability. These lidar sensors will provide reliable perception data and safety guarantees for WeRide’s L4 autonomous vehicles.

Han Xu, founder and CEO of WeRide, said:

“WeRide aims to build the world's leading L4 autonomous driving technology. Currently, our autonomous driving mileages have exceeded 5.5 million kilometers. Hesai is recognized by the market for providing high-performance lidar sensors and technology support for high-level autonomous driving. This partnership will help WeRide build safer and more reliable autonomous driving fleets.”

Li Yifan, CEO of Hesai, said:

“As world's leading lidar manufacturer, Hesai has accumulated technology expertise on core components, proprietary chip, automotive-grade production capability and functional safety. WeRide has comprehensive advantages in terms of autonomous driving technology, driving setting applications and commercialization, leading the development of autonomous driving services and technology. Hesai is delighted to have in-depth partnership with WeRide to empower vehicles, perceive the world.”

About WeRide

WeRide, an intelligent travel company with the world's leading L4 autonomous driving technology, is the first autonomous driving company to be strategically led by a global automobile manufacturer (Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance) and a global bus manufacturer (Yutong Bus Co.,Ltd). WeRide focuses on strategic synergy with car companies and travel platforms.

In November 2019, WeRide launched China’s first public robotaxi service in Guangzhou, China. It covers hundreds of square kilometers of Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone. Established in 2017, WeRide is headquartered in Guangzhou, China, and maintains R&D and operation centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Anqing, as well as San Jose in the USA. It employs a highly skilled team and has extensive domestic and international experience in R&D, business models and business operations.

About Hesai Technology 

Founded in 2014, Hesai Technology is a global leader in lidar technology for autonomous driving and ADAS. Its vision is to empower robotics and elevate lives through high-performance, reliable, and low-cost 3D sensors. Hesai has developed exceptional R&D capabilities, accumulating deep expertise in optics, mechanics, electronics, and software. The company has been granted hundreds of patents globally for its industry-leading technologies, in areas such as proprietary lidar chips, functional safety, and interference rejection. Hesai has won customers spanning over 70 cities in 30 countries and regions, including leading autonomous driving developers, OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and robotics companies.

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