Hesai Unveils PandarXT, 32-Channel Mid-Range Lidar with Self-Developed, Proprietary Lidar ASICs



PandarXT specifications


PandarXT meets IP6K7 waterproof and dustproof rating


PandarXT scanning a wall at 6 m to measure wall thickness


When scanning a wall at 6 m, PandarXT’s peak-to-peak thickness is ~2.5 cm.

The corresponding precision (1σ) is ~0.5 cm.



PandarXT near-range detection


PandarXT is based on Hesai‘s proprietary LiDAR ASICs


Self-developed silicon wafers


Hesai’s LiDAR product suite



Hesai has released a new 32-channel (16-channel version also available) mid-range LiDAR. Based on a new system architecture integrating Hesai’s self-developed LiDAR ASICs, PandarXT is a cost-effective solution designed for multiple applications, including unmanned logistics, robotics, surveying, security, mapping, and low-to-medium-speed autonomous driving.

For certain scenarios, sensors do not require ultra-high resolution and ultra-long ranging; rather, they demand a careful balance between performance, reliability, and cost. PandarXT was developed to address these specific industrial requirements and others. Extensive R&D work and testing have gone into designing specialized LiDAR ASICs that integrate the functions of dozens of circuit boards. The new transceiver system streamlines multiple complex optical assembly and adjustment processes into just one process, thereby reducing costs and improving performance, reliability, and manufacturing scalability.

The new system architecture, based on Hesai’s self-developed LiDAR ASICs, delivers additional performance enhancements. PandarXT has a minimum range of zero and outputs valid point cloud even when an object directly touches the sensor’s enclosure. It also has millimeter-level ranging accuracy and superb precision. Furthermore, its improved reflectivity accuracy and greater dynamic range enable accurate and consistent detection of retroreflectors, low-reflectivity targets, and object boundaries with sudden changes in reflectivity. Consistent with every LiDAR in Hesai’s Pandar series, PandarXT has undergone and passed stringent reliability testing to ensure robustness and reliability in any operational environment.

PandarXT marks a breakthrough in LiDAR system design and its combination of performance, reliability, manufacturing scalability, and cost-effectiveness makes it an optimal sensor for numerous LiDAR-powered applications.

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