Automotive Ultra-Thin Long-Range Lidar

Behind Windshield Installation, Designed for ADAS Series Production Vehicles

ET25 Automotive-Grade Ultra-Thin Long-Range Lidar

ET25 Automotive Ultra-Thin Long-Range Lidar

Slim, But Powerful

Equipped with Hesai's proprietary technology to achieve ultra-thin size without sacrificing performance

Key Specifications

250 m @10% Reflectivity without Windshield
225 m @10% Reflectivity with Windshield*
120° (H) x 25° (V)
Angular Resolution (Finest)
0.05° (H) x 0.05° (V)
Size (W x D x H)
120 x 100 x 25 mm
Point Rate
>3,000,000 pts/s
Frame Rate
10 Hz;20 Hz
Power Consumption
12 W
Acoustic Noise
<25 dB(A)
*Specifications are subject to change in the SOP version, and are customizable per the customer's needs.
1 At center FOV of lidar with AR-coated windshield transmittance >85%.
2 At 20 Hz frame rate, some specifications may change.

Unique In-Cabin Design

Designed as a behind-windshield lidar, improves aerodynamics,  dust and dirt free

Low Power For Better Thermal Performance

The rearview mirror tends to get very hot under the sun, which requires the in-cabin lidar to
 have low power consumption to avoid overheating

12 W

20 W

Temperature thermodynamic map comparison between 12 W and 20 W lidars
* The colors in the graph are for reference only, to show the relative temperature of the corresponding area

Low Noise For A More Comfortable In-Cabin Experience

With a noise level of less than 25 dB(A), the ET25 brings a more comfortable in-cabin experience for the driver and passengers

10 dB(A)

Flower Blooming

20 dB(A)

Peaceful Night in the Countryside

<25 dB(A)

Noise Level of ET25

30 dB(A)

Quiet Library
*Every increase of 10 dB(A) (decibels) is equal to a 10-fold increase in sound intensity. A 20 dB(A) increase raises the sound intensity by 100 times, a 30 dB(A) increase raises the sound intensity by 1000 times, and so on. The dB(A) representation is shown in the figure above. The values are sourced from internal test results and are for reference only.

Point Cloud*

Solving Signal Attenuation with AR-Coated Windshield**, Does Not Compromise Ultra-High Performance
* The point clouds are from sample version, and does not represent the SOP version's point cloud quality.
** AR-coated windshield: customized windshield with over 85%transmittance.
*The appearance of products published on this website may vary due to screen display settings, production batches, and customization. Please refer to the actual sample/product; The product specifications shown on this website are typical values under specific test conditions and may slightly vary due to production batches, software and hardware versions, as well as application conditions. Please refer to final factory inspection. For product certification information, please refer to official certifications. Hesai reserves the right of final interpretation of the information on this website.
*Please read the relevant safety precautions before using the product.

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